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[05 Jun 2006|04:49pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

Hey all!

My name is Alymay and I play trombone. I'm from Massachusetts. I'm pretty outspoken, and I know Kevin (onemusketeer), but found this totally seperate from him, which is pretty sweet.

I play in: concert bands, jazz bands, military/marching band, and a sweet little blues group called Police the Room. It's great fun.

Well, thought I'd introduce myself!

Lots of love,


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another music request [22 May 2006|08:33am]

another one... sorry :)

So, I've got the (Australian) State Band Champs in September, and the senior band I'm in is playing Eternal Father, Strong to Save (The Navy Hymn).

Claude T Smith arrangement

I was hoping that somebody out there might be able to help me locate a recording of this piece (not just the little hymn bit... but the piece that starts with the trumpet fanfare). Maybe your band played it a few years ago and they recorded it? I don't know.

Ok. Thanks very much if you can help. I will be eternally grateful :)

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heya [29 Oct 2005|08:47pm]

[ mood | calm ]

I just thought i'd come and say hi seems as i joined. My name is james (but i spell it jaymez when it isnt on official stuffs), im 15 from the uk I play cornet and have played for 7 years and am working a about grade 5 although i only ever took grade 2 (passed tho) i worked ongrade 3 but decided not to take the exam and i got really unmotivated when doing the grade 4 stuff so... because i had a really cool brass teacher he let me make my own arrangments of rock songs which he tought me now he has left and my music teacher is giving me pieices of around grade 5 level so i can pass my GCSE with a decent grade which is even cooler i suppose lol.


anyway catch ya later xx me

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Endurance?!?!?!?! [09 Aug 2005|10:19pm]
[ mood | Dissapointed ]

Marching Band just started and so did Jazz band.... and over the summer my endurance just died, ive been doing lip slurs like crazy... but it doesnt seem to be helping as quick as i need it too... are there any other tips you could give me to speed up the process? any help is appreciated...

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[28 Jul 2005|09:51am]

(xposted all over the place)

My boyfriend, a trumpet player, was attacked this week. Some jerks knocked him down and started pummeling him. Finally someone got the idea to take his wallet and they ran off.

They managed to bruise and cut him up pretty bad. He's only got soft tissue damage, but his face is still huge and black. They hit him nearly everywhere -- including his lips.

He's worried about getting to play his horn again, especially since he's got auditions to play in about a month (maybe a bit more, I don't know). I, being an ignorant string player, don't really know what to do to help him. Is there anything he can do to heal his lip faster and get his muscles back to where they should be?
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Yo [21 Apr 2005|11:09pm]
yeah....tubas are cool.....go roger bobo
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Shameless Advertising. [20 Dec 2004|11:07pm]

Hey, I opened up a community about six months ago to help people with improvisation and we've only just started to see life for the first time since the community opened. So, I'm looking for some new members to help keep things going.


I'll delete this if you want me tooCollapse )
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[25 Nov 2004|03:50pm]

[ mood | full ]

Hello everybody, it's Kevin, your friendly moderator...person.

Anyways, I think it would be a great idea if people in this community promoted in other communities, and in your journal, because more members = more fun.

Happy Thanksgiving, Kevin

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Hola [30 Sep 2004|01:13am]

Hey I'm Jessi. I'm in 11th at lake worth high. I play french horn, mellophone, and trumpet. (and guitar and bass guitar but they dont count cuz they aren't brass, lol)

Brass deffinately kick ass. <33
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[19 Sep 2004|02:53pm]

heyyy!! i play french horn, trumpet, and mellophone! BRASS KICKS ASS!
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New Community! [23 Jun 2004|02:52am]

I have created a community for injured musicans!  It's simply called

Please join if you are one! 

(Cross posted many times!  Sorry! )</span>
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Brass help please! [15 Jun 2004|11:31pm]

I'm a string player, and I need some brass player's perspective. My neighbor is looking to buy a trumpet for her son that is around 13. Where can I send her or get info for her? Our local music store is kinda crappy. So I'd love to find a place for her. (and it's good for me to know about!) Thanks in advance!
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Please see the link below if you are interested in doing a 3 week summer program. We are especially looking for Horns and Trumpets!

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cross posted. i am annoying but desperate. [05 Jun 2004|03:39am]

[ mood | anxious ]

i am selling my trombone. it is a king 3b something-y-something(i believe)-- wide bore, f trigger, yellow brass. some dings &rust, but the slide &other parts work great. it comes with a nice, hard case. it is probably worth at least 600 dollars, but trombones are hard to find on the internet, i guess. i will sell it for 275, or 250 if i don't have to ship it. if you are interested i will take pictures. king is the second best kind of trombone ever (at least that's what my band teacher said, but he played the sax). the only thing better is a bach stradivarius, &that's a lot.

i of course want someone to buy it, but the main reason i am posting this is because it is ridiculous that i don't know/remember what model of horn this is-- does anyone have enough king trombone expertise that they could tell what it was, from pictures?

um, also Read more...Collapse )

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Welcome [12 Feb 2004|06:24pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hello All.

I'm just making the first post here, and saying hi.


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