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cross posted. i am annoying but desperate.

i am selling my trombone. it is a king 3b something-y-something(i believe)-- wide bore, f trigger, yellow brass. some dings &rust, but the slide &other parts work great. it comes with a nice, hard case. it is probably worth at least 600 dollars, but trombones are hard to find on the internet, i guess. i will sell it for 275, or 250 if i don't have to ship it. if you are interested i will take pictures. king is the second best kind of trombone ever (at least that's what my band teacher said, but he played the sax). the only thing better is a bach stradivarius, &that's a lot.

i of course want someone to buy it, but the main reason i am posting this is because it is ridiculous that i don't know/remember what model of horn this is-- does anyone have enough king trombone expertise that they could tell what it was, from pictures?

um, also
i am also selling my fostex xr-7 4 track. when i bought it it was worth 350-400 dollars, it is analog. that means TAPES. it is apparently easy to use. it comes with a manual. it was the first thing i bought without having the money to pay for it. i am selling it for 125 dollars, which includes shipping. if you live around tampa (or anywhere on my tampa-atlanta-durham-pittsburgh-new york-chicago-st. louis-phoenix-los angeles-san francisco-portland-seattle road trip, if you're willing to wait), i will drive it to you &you can buy it for 100.
right now it is selling for 199 dollars most places.
this is what it looks like &is like.
(you know you've always wanted to make yr own music (you've just been waiting for something like this to fall into yr lap!).
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